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BMW Twins & Singles

Description: A full account of the post-war 250 singles                      and 450-1000cc twins

Condition: Fine. Hardback w/sleeve. 191pp

Author: Roy Bacon 1982



The Rolls Royce of Motor Cycles

Description: The story of Brough Superior, the most                      distinguished marque in motorcycling                      history

Condition: Fine. Hardback w/sleeve. 176pp

Author: Roy Bacon Ronald H Clarke 1974

Price: £140.00


Classic Motorcycles

Description: Collecting, restoring and riding - A                      thorough guide to the best in old bikes

Condition: Good. Paperback. 256pp

Author: Tim Holmes & Rebekka Smith 1986

Price: SOLD


A History Of The World's Motorcycles

Description: Briskly re-counted history of the powered                      two-wheeler

Condition: Good. Hardback. 192pp

Author: Richard Hough & LKJ Setright 1966

Price: £99.00

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