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erwin Audio


Herwin Audio:

Services include:

Sales/installation: I can supply you with many different brands of music technology equipment and even instruments. I am currently designing and installing a bespoke soundproofed studio with recording equipment for a new youth club being built in Brighton.

Acoustic treatment/soundproofing: Soundproofing to keep noise in or out of rooms. Acoustic treatment to improve the sound of a room or to improve speech intelligibility in offices and classrooms.

Live Recording / Engineering: Live recording direct to hard disk; up to 16 channels always available and more upon request – perfect for club,school or church performances. I am currently the front of house engineer for UK jazz legend John Surman.

Audio Restoration: reel to reel, dat, minidisk and vinyl transfer. Advanced digital noise reduction.

Heritage Recordings: Using the latest convolution technology the actual sound of a room can be captured and superimposed on any other sound recording. This can be useful for recording the acoustic properties of historic buildings alongside the text/image records.

Data Recovery: There are two types of computer users in the world – those who have lost data and those who are about to. Using advanced scouring techniques we can recover files from hard drives or storage media that have even been deleted or reformatted.

Audio PC’s: Custom built audio PC’s with the latest music production software tested to ensure all parts are harmonius in use.

Mastering: I can provide a second pair of ears to ‘finalize’ your recordings and give them a professional finish using full range Genelec monitors.





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